Flotilla Demo

3D turn-based space battles


  • Cool polygon graphics
  • Good controls
  • Accessible


  • Quirky atmosphere not to everyone's tastes

Very good

Blendo Gamesmay not be a household name, but since the creation of Gravity Bone the fantastic first person experience it's become a name worth following.

Flotilla is a stylish 3D strategy game. You are a space trader, who takes on missions for money, using your Flotilla of space craft to outwit any enemy ships you meet on your journeys through space. It's turn based, which is fairly unfashionable in today's real time gaming world. You set up the orders and movement for your flotilla, as does the enemy, which programs 30 seconds of play. You then watch the 30 seconds of war, the game stops and you give your Flotilla more orders.

It's a simple strategy game, as there are few commands, and not many necessary controls. Camera movement is mouse and keyboard controls, as are the command comtrols. You can move around the battleground easily with the camera, that's important as fighting in space is much more dynamic and complex than on the ground!

Flotilla is the antithesis of games like Supreme Commander, with restrained graphics, and a sense of humor instead of the stereotypical macho dialogue often found in war games! The turn based nature makes Flotilla much more relaxed, as you can take your time planning your next move, although if you get it wrong, there's nothing you can do as you watch your mistakes play out disastrously! Once you're used to the camera control, it's a really accessible strategy title. It's the most accessible I've played since the Advance Wars series began.

It may not be as bizarre or surprising as its predecessor, but Flotilla is still a hugely entertaining turn based strategy space game.



Flotilla Demo

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